CUEME Graphene Heated Neck Stretcher Pillow for Neck Pain Relief and Comprehensive Cervical Traction – TMJ Pain Relief & Cervical Spine Alignment – Neck & Shoulder Relaxer Device – Long Lasting Comfort.

Neck Stretcher for Neck Pain Relief – Its ergonomic design promotes healthy neck alignment and helps relieve neck tensions from bad postures and stress.
Heated Cervical Traction Device Pillow with Graphene Heating Pad – The pillow is equipped with a graphene heating pad to give you a consistent and gentle heating effect. The pillow helps to effectively relieve pain and can be adjusted for all sizes and comfort levels.
Shoulder Relaxer for TMJ Pain Relief and Cervical Spine Alignment- It provides advanced support to the neck and shoulders and has adjustable straps to help balance the pressure applied. This shoulder relaxer effectively helps to improve posture by realigning the neck and spine.
Ergonomically Designed- This device is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit the body and effectively provide relief for neck pain. The adjustable straps and pillow make it a perfect fit for any body type.
Safe and Easy to use -The neck stretcher pillow is easy to use with simple instructions and minimal assembly. It is made with safe materials and can be used every day to help relax tight muscles and promote better posture.


Date Created:2022-12-12
• Ergonomically designed neck stretcher with graphene heating pad for maximum pain relief.
• Automatically inflates for customized comfort, fitting comfortably around your neck and shoulders.
• Fully adjustable air pressure to suit individual needs.
• Therapeutic heat helps relax neck and shoulder muscles and helps promote cervical spine alignment.
• Ideal for relieving neck and shoulder pain, minimizing pinched nerves, and reducing headaches and TMJ pain.
• Can be used while sitting, standing, or lying down, for portable, convenient relief anywhere.
• Electronic control and adjustable settings for precise, consistent comfort and convenience.

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