CUEME Silicone Uterine Ptosis Support Pessary Ring for Elderly Women with Uterine Prolapse – Helps Treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Regains Vaginal Tone & Elasticity – Reusable & Washable – High Grade Medical Device

Silicone uterine ptosis support pessary ring is specially designed to support uterine prolapse in elderly women.
Its soft silicone ring is comfortable to wear and provides optimal support to the uterus.
It is inserted easily and removed without pain.
The pessary ring ensures a snug fit and keeps the uterus from slipping and proliferating.
The silicone uterine ptosis support pessary ring is reliable, safe and effective for supporting uterus and prolapse in seniors.


Date Created:2022-11-11
• Made from silicone, a soft and comfortable material.
• Effective in providing uterine prolapse support to elderly women.
• Support the uterus in its correct anatomical position.
• Prevent downward displacement of uterus.
• Available in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs.
• Easy to insert and remove.
• Cost effective treatment .
• Helps to reduce or eliminate unpleasant symptoms related to uterine prolapse.
• Designed to be discreet and comfortable during daily activities.
• Can be worn for extended periods of time while still providing support.
• May be paired with other treatments recommended by a doctor for maximum effectiveness.

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