CUEME Small Handheld LED Dentist Mirrors for Teeth Inspection, Dental Hygiene and Oral Care, Professional Quality Practice Exam Tool, for Use by Dentists or Home Oral Hygiene.

Small, Handheld Mirrors for Dentists: Perfectly sized for ease of use and transportation, these handheld mirrors are essential for dentists to see a clear view of all parts of the oral cavity.

LED lighting: These mirrors are equipped with LED lighting to illuminate even the darkest corners of the mouth for detailed inspection.
High Magnification: The lenses are shapes and angled to give dentists up to 10x magnification so that they can properly diagnose hard-to-see oral conditions.
Durable Quality: Made from optically-correct stainless steel, these mirrors are highly durable and will last in a professional dental setting.
User-friendly: Ergonomic handles make it comfortable to hold, and a non-slip design ensures that mirrors won’t slip out from the dentist’s fingertips.


Date Created:2023-02-02
-Small in size and lightweight for maximum maneuverability.
-Magnification to ensure accurate and precise tooth examination.
-LED lighting for optimal clarity and visibility.
-Various angles available for ideal patient positioning.
-Sleek, modern design to fit in any dentist’s office.
-Long handle for easy and comfortable use.
-Static/tiltable design to give the operator maximum access and vision.
-Durable materials for longevity.

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