CUEME Orthopedic Lumbar Support Back Brace with Comfort Pad and Adjustable Dual Straps for Joint & Muscle Pain Relief, Breathable Lightweight Abdominal Belt

Orthopedic belts are specially designed to provide extra support and stability to your posture and improve spinal alignment.
Our orthopedic belts are made from breathable, lightweight materials, neoprene, foam, and other fabrics, that are comfortable to wear and easy to clean.
The belts are adjustable and can be fitted to the desired size and comfort level to ensure a secure fit during use.
Orthopedic belts can help relieve back pain and prevent further injury by providing extra support to weak or strained muscles and soft tissues.
Orthopedic belts are used in combination with a workout routine to correct poor posture and improve spinal stability.


Date Created:2022-03-03
• Designed to help reduce the risk of injury by providing support and stabilization to the muscles, joints, and bones.
• Can help relieve pain associated with back, hip, knee, and ankle injuries.
• Constructed with a strong, durable material, neoprene or spandex, which provides steady compression and support.
• Can be adjusted to the wearer’s size and provide customized support.
• Can be worn during physical activities to provide maximum comfort and support.
• May reduce the risk of further damage or injury due to mechanical strain.

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