CUEME Medical Grade Support Girdle for Pregnancy – Abdominal Binder for Postpartum and Maternity Care with Firm Compression for Lower Back Pain and Pelvic Pain Relief – Lower Abdomen Support Belt Trimmer

Introducing the perfect solution to your medical discomfort during pregnancy: pregnancy girdles for medical purposes! This comfortable piece of equipment is designed to support you and your growing bump, relieving the strain on your back and hips.
With adjustable multiple straps, this girdle gives you the right level of compression for your individual needs. Constructed from soft and breathable material to keep you cool and comfortable at all times, this girdle also cradles your bump securely and takes away any stress you might be feeling.
Perfect for providing relief during the night too, this girdle can help to improve your sleep quality so you have the energy throughout the day to look after yourself and baby.
Easy to put on and take off, you can wear this girdle as often as you need depending on how it’s feeling while you’re pregnant. The materials are also easy to clean and maintain with simple hand washing.
Buy now and enjoy unparalleled comfort and relief, with this pregnancy girdle especially made for medical purposes.


Date Created:2022-12-12
-Provide support and stability for abdominal muscles weakened due to expanded uterus.
-Reduce lower back pain and sciatica which can be caused by stretched ligaments and muscles.
-Help to prevent or alleviate separation of rectus abdominis muscles (diastasis recti).
-Allow range of motion in the pelvic area while providing needed support to the abdomen.
-Provide pressure and support to the weakened muscles which help to allow faster recovery post-pregnancy.
-Helps to hold postural alignment when upright and sitting.
-Provides relief for bladder weakness during post-pregnancy, in addition to general support.
-Enhance relief from sagging abdomen.

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