CUEME Elastic Bandages for Minor Wound Care,Strong Adhesive and Breathable for Comfort

Assortment of sizes in order to fit any part of the body.
Can be found in cloth, fabric, and adhesive types.
Aid in healing by keeping a wound clean and dry.
Helps reduce risk of infection.
Secure dressing for wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns.
Easy to remove when ready.
Elastic bandages provide support for minor sprains and strains.
Used for sports injuries, swelling reduction, prevention of re-injury


Date Created:2022-05-05


Elastic bandages are a versatile medical tool used to hold dressings in place to secure splints and to compress or support swollen areas.
The durable materials help provide extra compression and support, helping reduce pain and inflammation and providing a vital layer of protection.
Suitable for all round usage and available in a range of sizes, elastic bandages are an essential medical item for any household.

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