CUEME Premium Baby Bottle Set with Anti-Colic Air Vent, Extra Soft Silicone Nipples & Wide Neck Design

Premium quality rubber and plastic baby bottle set with anti-colic vent technology
Extra soft silicone nipples with wide neck design for comfortable feeding
Includes bottle valves that prevent air from entering the milk or formula
Compatible with most standard baby bottle nipples and nipples for breastfed babies
BPA and phthalate free for a safe feeding experience
Lid helps to keep the bottle clean and the contents secure
Design allows for easier and more comfortable holding for both mom and baby
Available in sizes up to 8oz for growing babies
Dishwasher and microwave safe for convenient cleaning and sterilizing


Date Created:2022-11-11


Premium Baby Bottle Set: These bottles are designed with a premium look so you can show off your child’s style during mealtime. The unique shape promotes comfortable handling and the bright colors keep your little one’s eyes engaged during feeding.

Anti-Colic Air Vent: This bottle set is equipped with an anti-Colic air vent to prevent air bubbles from forming in the neck of the bottle. This helps reduce the risk of colic in your baby so they can feed comfortably and with ease.

Extra Soft Silicone Nipples: The soft silicone nipples on the baby bottles provide gentle and smooth suction for the baby while feeding. The lips and cheeks are supported for an ergonomic fit, and the wide base increases the flexibility and prevents the potential for skin chafing.

Wide Neck Design: The wide neck design allows for easy and efficient cleaning of the bottle and nipples. This design also makes assembling and disassembling the bottle components a breeze so you can save time during cleanup.

Reusable & BPA-Free: The baby bottle set is reusable and BPA-free for added safety and peace of mind. The nipples are also dishwasher safe, allowing for a fast and efficient cleaning process.

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